Ever heard of a shampoo bar? They are a more sustainable take on shampoo and being sold by several brands and shops. We were interested to try them out after coming across a couple in one of the cosiest shops: Dille & Kamille in Leiden, We both had our reasons to be interested. Eveline wanted to try because she wants to live more environmentally friendly. She likes that the bars don’t have plastic packaging. When you think about it, this saves a pile of plastic bottles each year. Moreover, a shampoo bar can generally be used for a longer period than a normal bottle of shampoo.

Kirstin was down to try the shampoobar because she had a disappointing experience trying out ‘the no shampoo challenge’ during the intelligent lock down (I mean, what better time to have gross hair?!). After enduring three months holding back from washing her hair with shampoo and seeing people she even slightly wanted to impress, nothing good happened to her hair and she concluded that #nopoo was not for her. However, she was interested to try out alternatives for conventional shampoos to see what they could do for the health of her hair and scalp.

We both tried one of Dille & Kamille’s four shampoo bars and give our opinion on them below.

Shampoo bar nr. 1, for dry hair (80 gr) €5,95

First off, I was super curious to try Dille & Kamille’s shampoo bar, especially the nr. 1 for dry hair!

The bar is round and has a fresh colour. Bar nr. 1 has a mild rose fragrance and is specifically developed for dry hair, which I think is really nice! I always have a quite specific preference for my shampoo, due to my having dry and quickly damaged hair by nature. The shampoo is soap-free and mild for your hair and scalp, which I view as a plus. In addition, I liked that the shampoo foams a lot, something I didn’t expect beforehand. You have to create foam by rubbing the bar on your hair or between your hands. I tried the shampoo bar for two times now and I am very content. My hair felt soft both times and was shiny as well.


– No plastic (zero waste) – Palm oil free and vegan – Does not dry out your hair


After some time, the bar was somewhat slippery, so it’s handy to have some sort of box to put it in after use. Of course you don’t necessarily have to do this.

Shampoo bar nr. 3, for curly hair (80 gr) €5,95

I did not have high expectations of the nr. 3 bar for curly hair, but I must admit that overall, it was pretty good. First off, I noticed that my hair felt fresh after using it and smelled really nice. When in the shop, I was tempted to buy nr. 2 for normal hair – this one had an even more amazing fragrance. However, nr. 3 was specifically developed for curly hair, which sounded interesting. To be honest, I did not notice this bar having any effects on my curls, so on that point I’m neutral. Getting the bar foamy wasn’t hard at all, and, most important to me, after using it my scalp felt good and wasn’t irritated. On the downside, I’m a bit sceptical about how many times you can wash your hair with one bar, as it seemed to be getting smaller quite fast. Also, I thought the round shape looked cute, but was not that practical. When the bar gets wet, it gets slippery and harder to hold.

– Does not irritate your scalp
– Fresh feel and nice fragrance
– Cute shape and colour

– Does probably not last long
– Bit unpractical in use due to shape