Here in the Netherlands we are currently not allowed to go outside in the evening. Due to the current situation, lots of people are curious how they can have fun at home. If we are all in this situation together we better make the best of it. In this blog I wanted to share some ideas to creating the ‘feel’ of a night out, at home. The fun thing about nights out is always the elements of having a new experience and breaking out of daily routines.

Think about it, you don’t go out because you need the exercise or the hydration. You go out because you want to have fun, loosen up a bit, and to create some new experiences. And if there is something lots of us are missing these days, it’s these different or novel experiences. Because the days have been a bit repetitive and dull.

So how can you have a fun night out at home?


Some people say, save the best for special occasions. I say, everyday is a special occasion. So pull out your ‘special’ tableware, and make that dinner table beautiful! Dress up, like you would if you’d gone out, and pour the water you usually drink with dinner in a wine glass and whip in an orange slice. Fold your napkin in a chic way and put it on the right of your plate, and put your cutlery on top of it. Turn of any bright lights, and put on soft lighting.

Tips on to dress up a table: you can watch a really good simple video on table setting here or a more elaborate video with recipe ideas here.


Two weeks ago, I participated in an online cocktail making workshop. I had a blast. Then I realized, I can do this with a friend at home, and make a fun night of it. So I am going to share two cocktail recipes with you. My personal favorites are the Mojito and Cosmopolitan. Mojitos are known to be really good for thirst. And in these lonely times, where its hard to meet people, what could be better than something to quench your thirst?

DID YOU KNOW? The more distilled the drink, the more pure and the less of a hangover you will have. But be careful, the more distilled often means it is more expensive.

You put ice, pink cranberry juice, orange and vodka mix, juice of halve of a lime in the shaker. Then you shake for 15 seconds and voilá!

Take some fizzy water, some brown sugar and mint leaves and pair it with a fresh lime! You can cut the lime into slices and put it on the rim of the glass. To top it off: Add some white rum or dark rum for more spice!
If you do not have these ingredients, and want the super easy version: Put some mint leaves in a glass of 7-up and add some rum!

EXTRA: If you want to go all out you can put some sugar on the rim of the glass.


I love to sometimes dance in my room when I am alone. I put on some great tunes and I just dance like nobody is watching (because nobody is). If you like, you can put on some playlists or ambiance video’s on YouTube. This way you can feel like you are in a bar, a club, or just a nice restaurant. Where would you like to go? Thanks to these videos we feel like we can.

Want to feel nostalgic? Like you’re in the bathroom at a club in 2007?

EXTRA: If you want to take it to the next level, you can go clubbing online. There are lots of party’s online where you can join in an have a blast.


Firstly, you can search for your favorite artists on Netflix. Chances are, a documentary about their tour is available. You can put that on and have (the ‘feel’ of) a concert at home. Fortunately there are lots of documentaries about singers on Netflix. From Beyoncé to BLACKPINK, to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, there is something for every gal.


Sent an invite to your friends and family to play some games online. You can download Steam, a game store, on your computer and you can buy games like Among Us for 3,99. Also there is a website called Skribbl, where you can play a drawing game with your friends or family. You can also check in your neighborhood, to check if some cafe or pub is organizing a pub quiz. TIP: check Facebook for local pub quiz events.


It’s almost Valentines day and even if you’re single (like me) you can celebrate the great relationships in your life on Galentines day! We know going to the cinema is no longer possible, but you can remotely watch a movie and chat with a group of girlfriends! TeleParty is the ideal solution! You can make a whole day of it with other activities from the list above and celebrate like old times. You can even send some care packages to your friends. Send them chocolate and a face mask, for example.

Do you have any more ideas how you can create your own night out? Let us know in the comments!