As a student or self-employed in Leiden, there will come a time when you will look around you and actively look for suitable locations to work. A good study place naturally meets a number of requirements, but they are different for everyone. Because I like to discover new places, I’ve tried some for you and have listed the 7 best study places in Leiden, Netherlands.

1. The Public Library (BplusC library)
Is there another library in Leiden besides the University Library? Yes there is! In the BplusC library you can open your textbooks next to the Burcht. The average age of the visitor is somewhat higher than in the University Library, but you can still see some of the other inhabitants of Leiden. In addition, you have a reasonable place, a nice café where you can order a drink and (in some areas) you have a view of the Burcht. Tip: come on time: there is limited space.
BplusC library, Nieuwstraat 4, 2312 KB Leiden
Score: 8

2. The Green Oord
A housemate of mine gave me this tip. This is a place that is undiscovered by students, only 5 minutes by bike from Leiden Central. Het Groene Oord offers flexible workplaces where you can study independently or have group (food) meetings or experience a time-out on the skate ramp. Yes you read that right. You will discover it all at the Groene Oord!
Het Groene Oord, Willem de Zwijgerlaan 2a, 2316 GB Leiden
Score: 9

3. The P.J. Veth building
Not to be missed on this list is the P.J. Veth building. You can walk past the Academy Building, and then before you actually enter the Hortus, you will see the P.J. on your left. Veth building. This beautiful undiscovered gem of Leiden is part of the Faculty of Humanities, and it shows. When you walk through this building you feel as if you are stepping into a scene of a historical drama. In addition, there is a coffee machine (the luxury coffee machine is often defective), a view of the Hortus and a cozy feeling due to the limited number of places. So again, don’t be late in the day.
P.J. Veth building, Nonnensteeg 1-3, 2311 VJ Leiden
Score: 9

4. Pieterskerk café
Can you handle distractions while studying? Then it is nice to study in a cafe. Look around you during your study breaks and order a delicious sandwich or cappuccino. In short, a nice location in the heart of Leiden: the Pieterskerk café is open daily between 11:00 and 18:00.
Pieterskerk café, Kloksteeg 16, 2311 SL Leiden
Score: 6.5

5. The Kamerlingh Onnes building (University card required)
I study at the Hogeschool Leiden, so it is difficult for me to enter here. From what I have seen and heard from my roommate (shoutout to my roommates), there is an incredibly beautiful library in the KOG. And no worries, if you do not have a student pass you can also find a table in the hallways where you can learn for your exams.
Kamerlingh Onnes Building, 2311 ES Leiden
Score: Not given yet

6. IKEA Delft
Don’t you mind having to travel by train for a nice place to study? Do you have to pay a little attention to your money, but do you want unlimited free coffee? Go to the Ikea! With an IKEA family pass (which you can apply for free) you can get free coffee at any time during your study session. There is also a quieter area in every IKEA where you can sit. Tip: do not study in IKEA during the school holidays. Then it will be much busier.
IKEA Delft, Olof Palmestraat 1, 2616 LN Delft
Score: 7

7. Applied University of Leiden (Informatics department)

Besides the regular location of the Applied University of Leiden (in Dutch: Hogeschool Leiden, also recommended), another great location is the Informatics department. Hogeschool Leiden rents two floors in the building near the central station. The advantage of this location is that the area is quieter, in terms of color and the amount of students walking around. You also have a beautiful view over the station and a part of Leiden because you are so high.
Hogeschool Leiden (Informatics), Le Carrefour Dellaertweg 7F, core 4, 2316 WZ Leiden
Score: 7

These were some awesome place to work in Leiden. Have you been to any of these places? Or do you have any tips for nice study places? Feel free to leave a comment!

Love, The Girls On The Blog